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Instead of being in a low profile, Burk Elder Hale intentionnally chooses in his comments on squidoo below to lie again and again, and to show how irresponsible and stupid he is. His 'associates' still have time to end any contract with him while they still are able to do so, now that they are aware of the fraud, before it's too late for them.

Let's rephrase his gibberish in few points to sum up his views.

1) 'My BHI MFG, LLC agent mailing location for BHI MFG, LLC is at Georgia for contact information and verification.'

Good! I suggest Claus, Clarence and everyone being cheated to send a complain to the Federal Drug Administration to check whether or not there is a clandestine / illegal amateurish lab to produce bottles of bionaid, and other products at the home of Burk Elder Hale. Here is the contact you must have to do it (start with [link to ] and replace DOT with a point without space):

www DOT hhs.gov/about/regions/fdaser.html
FDA Southeast Regional/District Offices

SE Region, Atlanta (ATL-FO)
60 Eight Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: 404-253-1171
Fax: 404-253-1207

Southeast Regional Lab (SRL)
60 Eight Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: 404-253-1176
Fax: 404-253-1208

I suggest all the people concerned to report the B.E.H. fraud to (start with [link to (secure)] and replace DOT with a point without space)

oig DOT hhs.gov/fraud/hotline/

oig DOT hhs.gov/fraud/consumer-alerts/index.asp

oig DOT hhs.gov/fraud/enforcement/index.asp

Maybe some of the MOST IMPORTANT ONES (start with [link to (secure)] and replace DOT with a point without space):

oig DOT hhs.gov/fraud/medicaid-fraud-control-units-mfcu/index.asp

oig DOT hhs.gov/fraud/report-fraud/index.asp

oig DOT hhs.gov/fraud/state-false-claims-act-reviews/index.asp

Here is how to file a complain (start with [link to ] and replace DOT with a point without space):

www DOT hhs.gov/ocr/civilrights/complaints/index.html

'If you believe your health care provider conscience protection rights have been violated, you may file a complaint with OCR'. Here is an interesting link (start with [link to ] and replace DOT with a point without space):

www DOT hhs.gov/regulations/index.html

Link of interest about the regulations (start with [link to ] and replace DOT with a point without space):

www DOT fda.gov/RegulatoryInformation/Legislation/default.htm

OH, BY THE WAY, BURK ELDER HALE STATES THAT 'THE MANUFACTURING COMPANY PRODUCING PRODUCT' IS BHI MFG, LLC (so, BHI MFG, LLC, is not only an agent!!!!) HERE (start with [link to ] and replace DOT with a point without space):

www DOT trioxysilver.com/bionabout.htm

'BHI MFG LLC is the manufacturing company producing product under The Burk-Elder: Hale, Third. Bion-Plus-Bionaid-Trioxysilver-Professional, Burk-Elder: Hale, Third...'

2) 'The factory is elswhere and is information for professional inquiries only, not for those of your ilk.'

The regulations of FDA state that any product for health use should have different tracking information such as:

Number of series of a batch.
Expiring date of consumption.
Warnings and direction of use.
Ingredients and composition list.
Factory name / location.

NONE OF THESE MANDATORY INFORMATIONS EXIST ON BURK ELDER HALE PRODUCTS. So, the main users of the factory name / location IS the consumer! Not the professionnals, among them are the DISTRIBUTORS (Claus and Clarence for exemple), even if they don't have these informations either from B.E.H.. If they don't exist it is because the products are produced in his own kitchen / home as a witness certified.

As a matter of fact, someone already complained about the new product of B.E.H. (start with [link to ] and replace DOT with a point without space):

www DOT trioxysilver.com/bionabout.htm

Dr. Leonard Horowitz:

'To my knowledge Bionaid is no longer being manufactured by the original source of that product, and thus it is EXTREMELY DOUBTFUL it is a true nano-silver covalently bonded to oxygen product. It does not contain 528Hz, to my knowledge, and does not contain Breath of the Earth. Get 40% off by buying OxySilver (Editor's note - a tradename previously owned by Burk Hale, Incorporated) by the case. '

SO THIS CASE ISN'T NEW. I guess he wanted to say the new bionaid IS NOT a true nano-silver covalently bonded to oxygen product since it doesn't contain 528hz.. At the same link you can read:

'All equipment, production and bottling processes by BHI MFG LLC comply to FDA guidelines for food production and comply to ANSI Standard 173, Section 8 regarding dietary supplement production that are based on those guidelines'.

He clearly states that the equipments, the production and bottling processes ARE MADE BY BHI MFG, LLC! This company (BHI MFG LLC) is then the manufacturer, according to B.E.H.'s own words, LOUD AND CLEAR. Now, what about the guidelines (ANSI) included in the FDA guidelines?

Why doesn't Burk Elder Hale display his NSF certificate like this one? (start with [link to ] and replace DOT with a point without space):

www DOT newtrition DOT basf DOT com/pv_obj_cache/pv_obj_id_0182F296F879FCDB39CECDA1C064FBC55FAB0100/filename/DSHE​A_Brattvaag_norway.pdf

or this other one (start with [link to ] and replace DOT with a point without space):

www DOT shine-star.com.cn/images/nsf-gmp.pdf

Because he has none. How do I know it?

You would be interested by this link regarding the certificate he surely don't have (he would have displayed it otherwise) (start with [link to ] and replace DOT with a point without space):

www DOT nsf.org/business/gmp/index.asp

and this one where we can read (start with [link to ] and replace DOT with a point without space):

www DOT ihs.com/news/2008/nsf-update-dietary-supplement.htm

'NSF International updated the standard for dietary supplements to include good manufacturing practices (GMP) requirements to ensure consistency with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. '

'The updated version of NSF/American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 173 - Dietary Supplements'
[ click here to get a copy of the said procedures (start with [link to ] and replace DOT with a point without space):
store DOT ihs.com/specsstore/controller?event=LINK_SEARCH&search_value=nsf%20173&mid=w092
'contains revisions to Section 8 GMP requirements that reference the new FDA requirements for both dietary supplement GMPs as well as the Adverse Event Reporting (AER) requirements that went into effect in December 2007.'


'Businesses that ...employ fewer than 20 employees must be compliant by JUNE 25, 2010.'

'Companies being audited for GMP compliance under NSF/ANSI Standard 173 are also expected to meet the compliance dates set forth by the FDA.'

'These updates will also be incorporated into NSF's Dietary Supplement Certification Program, which is based on NSF/ANSI 173.'

'Certification ensures that dietary supplements are produced in accordance with GMPs and are certified free of harmful contaminants, said NSF International.'

'NSF/ANSI 173 provides criteria and evaluation methods to ensure that dietary supplement products contain the IDENTITY AND QUANTITY OF INGREDIENTS LISTED ON PRODUCT LABEL AND THAT THE PRODUCTS ARE FREE OF ANY UNDECLARED CONTAMINANTS.'

Since there is no identity nor quantity of ingredients listed on Bionaid bottles, as far as I know, Burk Elder Hale is OUTLAW. Since B.E.H. has no NSF/ANSI Certificate to show us, He is OUTLAW (since June 25, 2010). And HE IS A LIAR UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE.


3) 'I can also provide government references and reference from a retired Congressionman'.

The only government references and reference from a retired Congressionman are very old references, written A LONG TIME BEFORE BURK ELDER HALE'S BIONAID ACTIVITIES.

But on this website, he states (start with [link to ] and replace DOT with a point without space):

www DOT trioxysilver.com/index.htm

'Bionaid Trioxysilver Professional, Burk-Elder: Hale, Third and our manufacturing company has been recommended by an Honorable Representative (retired from the U.S. Congress and an expert in the field of silver hydrosol technology) on his official website as the best silver hydrosol in the world.'

You will not find such a recommandation. What website it is about? Why doesn't he show this so important and excellent recommandation? No one knows.

4) 'There is more than one manufacturing facility and some are overseas'.

A lot of gibberish, ZERO CERTIFIABLE FACTS.

5) 'We can see how desperate you are...'

He meant “how desperate I am now”.

6) 'Now I do not care to take the time to engage you because your agenda is frivolous and spurious at best.'

He does not care to take the time to engage anyone here because he would loose everything faster this way. The agenda is to expose him publicly, then through legal actions. If he doesn't engage anyone, it means 1) we have NOTHING to scare about him, and 2) he is sure to loose. NO associate, if any, would engage anyone for him (instead of him). So, we are free to continue.

7) 'However, my associates, who are not to be mistakenly perceived as weak or unprofessional, will not take kindly to your false remarks disparaging their state of the art manufacturing, and they may take legal action against you.'

NO ONE BUT HIM HAS BEEN EXPOSED! His associates, IF ANY, are unknown and therefore couldn't be moved by any of our critics upon HIM. But he says he won't 'sue' anyone because 'it takes time' (LOL). So be it. I'd rather say 'it takes money' (does he have any?) to prove nothing, but that he is a con man.

8) 'I will not reveal who they are to you so that you can start directly attacking them.'

He will not reveal who his associates are, IF ANY, because there are none that would be exposed like himself, except if they fully support him in his con, being aware of it. They could even sue him because they actually don't know his wrongdoings, do they? They surely trust him, and believe his lies. They could reject him if they learn who he really is: a fraud!

By the way, at one moment in the legal procedure against him, they will be known. Then two cases: 1) they sue him, or 2) they will be sued too. Much money to be taken from him and them in that case.

9) 'I will be contacting them, after doing a screen-shot of your comments so you can erase and reword things as you have been, thinking you can get away with that.'

I will certainly not withdraw any word of mine. But what is his point of doing screen-shots if he 'does not care to take the time to engage'? He doesn't have the balls to do anything because the shame and the joke are on HIM.

10) 'You rediculous posts on Godlikeproductions served to bring out commentary from others that have stood behind me.'

All the comments supporting him ('standing behing me', LOL) and Bionaid were FROM HIM. Except, maybe, someone saying that 4 years ago, BEFORE HIS NEW PRODUCT PRODUCED BY BHI MFG LLC, he appreciated Bionaid, when produced by someone else. The posts of Godlikeproductions served to expose him, and it works.

11) 'You are digging yourselves a very deep hole and your monetary penalties are soaring through the roof.'

What is his point if he 'does not care to take the time to engage'? He wants to scare someone here? None but HIM is exposed here and elsewhere. None but him would be able to sue anyone. But this is the way around that will come, exactly the contrary. He will be sued by Claus and Clarence, and probably others. He has already dug his hole with his long lasting misdeeds.

12) 'If my associates who are tied to highly placed dignitaries in many countries decide to fly you off like pesky mosquitos, consider yourself lucky, and if not, be assured that you will be in deeper trouble that you ever imagined.'

If his associates are intelligent they will make low profile like he should have made a long time ago. As a matter of fact, his only known associate, Franck Katabalwa in Africa, just changed his profile on FaceBook and chose to hide the public wall! The joke is on Burk Elder Hale ! He is just able to threaten people but it's just wishful thinking. He will live in jail soon.

13) 'I suggest that yout remove all your lies and your hoax about a scam off from the internet while you can.'

While his associates are actually hiding themselves, he tries to impress / threaten us in order to better lead us to remove our checkable critics. THAT TRICK WILL NOT WORK. PEOPLE WILL READ MORE AND MORE HOW MUCH A CONMAN HE IS. IN FACT, HE IS THE ONE WHO IS AFRAID OF THE TRUTH...and us.

14) 'And on top of that, the sites like squidoo, who stand to face libel actions for allowing your posts may also be taking legal action against you.'

On the contrary, sites like squidoo are happy to see how successful are these articles and comments. The only thing we are doing is exposing a real con man, with certifiable facts and webpages. Clarence and Claus have a written testimony against him from someone that is very easy to prove to have been very close to him and his deceitful method of bottles production.

15) 'You were told who the thief was that refused to ship your Bionaid in his possession - Bruce Curtis, persona non grata.'

When X orders something to Y, only Y is responsible for the product involved. No third party can be invoked. The responsibility goes to Y, not Z. So, Burk Elder Hale is the only responsible for the misdeed (no product sent nor refunding). NOTE THAT B.E.H. IMPLICITLY ADMITTED THAT IT WAS A BUSINESS TRANSACTION BETWEEN HIM AND CLAUS / CLARENCE / ETC., JUST HERE! NO DONATION! AT LEAST, he implicitly confessed it.

16) 'Again, if you had one shred of evidence proving that I kept you Bionaid instead of Bruce Curtis you would have provided that evidence and obtained a $1 million reward in gold.'

$1 million? What $1 million? Where is it? Again, we don't care where are the bottles Burk Elder Hale produces himself (that would explain why large quantities of bottles are never delivered). No evidence of anything such as a location of unproven produced bottles is required by the law by the victims. The only thing that counts for the ex-distributors is to be sent the right number of bottles or to be refunded. But since the production process is unclear, the charges against him are being heavier. Burk Elder Hale could have 1) sued Bruce Curtis, and/ or 2) requested a credit at his bank to refund his clients / distributors. Every other solution is just a conman misdeed.

17) 'But it is obvious that you have no such evidence as none exists, just evidence that Bruce Curtis kept your Bionaid and refused to ship it, a real scammer that is in hiding with your Bionaid.'

The victims of Burk Elder Hale's misdeeds don't have to prove anything. If one supplier is deficient in the process fo delivering products, the manufacturer / agent must comply with the contract, that should respect lawful compliances of the USA trade regulations, and make everything possible to satisfy the contract under decent time limit. In another hand, there exist exploitation / operations insurances to face such default events. A sound and honest businessman knows it perfectly. So, Burk Elder Hale, NO PLEAS ARE ACCEPTABLE.

18) '7,500 bottles were stolen by Bruce Curtis, some of that being yours an Clause's, but the most being mine. I paid for it, and it was to be shipped to you. I sent you email showing where Bruce Curtis admitted he would comply, thought he lied.'

AS FAR AS THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF A FORMAL COMPLAIN AT THE COURT FROM BURK ELDER HALE AGAINST BRUCE CURTIS, this is just a falsified story. Whatever lawsuits against Bruce Curtis by B.E.H., this latter is still responsible for the trade contract between his company and his distributors / clients.

19) 'Your obsession with me and agenda to disparage me hs now encompassed very important and professional men that are my associates, and again, it would be in your best interest to cease with your hoax here, and all the libel you have committed.'

Before saying how important and professional men are his associates, Burk Elder Hale would better tell us who they are. Otherwise, it's just another bragging, just trying to threaten and scare people. It would work with kids and gullible people, not with real grounded men and women.

20) 'In closing, you violations of my terms of service and use are so extensive that you have exceeded the value of product Bruce Curtis was supposed to send to you.'

Since the Burk Elder Hale's terms of services and uses are illegal, nothing has being violated. The only thing that has been violated by him is the fairness of the natural trade contracts.


Burk Elder Hale is changing his page of testimonials (actually 'coming soon') because he is afraid of the consequences of the former testimonials pages. I hope Claus and Clarence you made a copy / screen-shot of those former webpages (start with [link to ] and replace DOT with a point without space):

www DOT fractallifesolutions.com/testimonials/

At this link, you will have a good letter from a probate judge dating of 2003, WELL BEFORE BURK ELDER EVEN KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT THE SILVER WATER. At anytime this Judge support B.E.H. To make business with him (start with [link to ] and replace DOT with a point without space):

www DOT trioxysilver.com/judge.pdf

At this link (see bottom), B.E.H. Speaks about a former congressman (start with [link to ] and replace DOT with a point without space):

www DOT trioxysilver.com/bionproducts.htm

'You may request link information to a renowned and retired US Congressman's official website that recommends doing business with Elder.'

How is it possible to really trust someone hiding from public attention the official website of a US congressman who would recommend doing business with Burk Elder Hale?

Good to remember it.
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