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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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From Claus Nicolae Nielsen on Apsense :
[link to www.apsense.com]

Here comes PROOF that Elder admitted he owed me, but did not ship anything to me yet EVEN HE HAD STOCK! From Gmail chat 24. Jan. 2012, yet I payed him end of Nov. 2011 and some even in the spring of 2011. He kept promising, and came with all his stories, and I waited and waited, my ill customers waited and waited, but nothing ever came.

Go to 22.50 for evidence that Burk Elder Hale owed me stock to keep my business going.

And 22.54 for evidence that he had stock of Bionaid, but I should not assume anything about myself! WTF! Now, is that arrogance? Not only, it is illegit business as well.

And remember at this time I had paid him $5000 all in all and had not seen a single product for around 9 months.

Or just enjoy his tone and remarks on the way there!
Elder Hale elder777@gmail.com

24. jan.

til mig (to me)

22.13 mig: I hope you make a lot of new business with the money you have stolen from me!

22.43 Elder: Trying to get at equally impotent comment back from me Claus, or are you just wanting to attempt to ruin my day by projecting more of the same ELF everyone is getting dosed with? You'll get neither.
I wrote your and others several weeks ago that I was doing something special for those friends that have stood by me for a long time - lost patience?

22.44 mig: Didnt get anything from you Elder
Elder: Care to elaborate on that vague remark?

22.45 mig: Didnt get the email you are talking about

22.46 ???
I have searched back to middle of Dec now and nothing...

22.47 Elder: Well it was sent BCC to my close circle of friends. I sopke about V3 and the projects going on now. And I mae it a point to state that my friends that have stood by me, expecting they would know who they are, would be getting something special from me.
mig: The last mail I have from you was a reply to my "status" mail of the 16. Dec

22.48 Elder: No need to be in low-spin-state Claus. Fight it.
mig: Well, seems I am not ur close circle of friends then...

22.49 I am just chilling after a long work day
and I am upset as well of course
Elder: What is going on with you - totaloly not chilling with me.

22.50 mig: so did you send this mail to me?
Elder: money, right? you are having a tough time, and you are venting.
Yes, it went to you, Clarence and several others
22.51 mig: pretty tough with a window open that our appartment may have to go on auction yes..
Elder: My associate Robert is in Fiji right now, back on Thursday.
mig: what date was that?

22.52 Ass in?
Elder: Don't have time to do email searches like I have to prove something. I sent it - take my word for it or not.
mig: no pun intended...
more that 2 month ago then ok

22.53 Elder: Not Ulamex.
mig: v3
Elder: I have, through Robert and V3, some serious investors moving on Bionaid and Micarox. Robert has been a great guy - not a Bruce Curtis.
mig: let me look, but I may have expected an update since.

22.54 Elder: Be beck momentarily - got to hand off some boxes for shipping.

22.56 mig: shipping???
I am back to 1. Nov now and dont see any mails from you...

22.57 Ok, thought you didnt have any Bionaid or I guess I have a few coming my way...

23.00 Elder: Yes, shipping. No need to assume anything about yourself. If you can keep a lid on the attitude I still want to work with you and do something very special for you when the money comes in,

23.01 I want to set you up in biz with V3mig: ok, cool, does it take big investment from my side

23.02 its MLM or how?
23.03 so v3 is the hydrogen water, nothing to do with Bionaid right?

23.06 Elder: Mut you assume?
Must you assume, typos today..sorry
mig: pardon me, but I am back to the 1. Oct now. I have heard about v3 from you, but that is looong time ago and no update.

23.07 I am asking a few questions???
Elder: [link to www.TheRiverBank.Us]
mig: Who is cross here?
Yes, I have seen that one
Elder: There's an answer to help prevent the endless questions filled with assumptions.

23.09 You started off with a very impotent remark and you ask me who is cross..LOL...c'mon Claus... :)

23.10 mig: so you wanna answer my questions or how?
Elder: How long has it been since you seen that website?
mig: TheRiverBank?
Elder: Aye.

23.11 mig: not sure, some months perhaps
Elder: It states what I am planning to do, but it does not go into details about my special projects I have in mind for those like you.

Great if he had 'special plans' for me/us, just a pity I/we never received them on email as he claims, even more a pity that he let me and my ill customers wait and wait while he invested my/our money without my/our prior consent in V3 (that failed). That is not legit business. So in the end NOTHING came my way.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28409860

Sorry for Claus to be in affair with a Liar. Seems not easy at all to make business with this Burl Elder Hale.
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