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On Ap sense Burk wrote :

"BTW, its a great day and donations are rolling in from supporters that no you are making up this hoax scam. One fellow, in show of support against you, donated and will be gifted 4 28-count cases of Bionaid (They, like thousands of others, love Bion aid) in gratitude for his $2,800.00 donation!
Nov 14th 2012 10:33"

So, were are these thousands of others consurmers who loved Bio naid, not here and not on internet so far !

A mystery donator gived $2,800.00 donation and will be gifted of 4 28-count cases of Bionaid.
So, why Claus Nicolae Nielsen of Denmark who is the European distributor of Bionaid, Rodney of England who is the U.K. distributor of Bionaid, and Clarence Lee, the Asian distributor of Bionaid didn't received the bottles they had paid for ?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25993639

I bet that Burk prefers to keep the water for him, and not send it to whom they own it. Sad guy.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4724478

I doubt it. Elder lives on V.A. disability in his widowed Mom's home outside Chattanooga in Ringold, GA. Likely the water now in the bottles is right from their tap and then they stick the labels on. If the water is so fabulous why is Elder so disabled drawing his check? It didn't work for him or his Mom.They seem to have Alzheimers or something as it is not like being in contact with any normal business.I do recall Elder barking about Len Horowitz buying his Bionaid and was just his own water from his place in Hawaii in the bottles.Len was cutting him out of buying the water from him or so he claimed at the time even here on GLP. It appears Elder was doing the same thing or took up the practice.
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