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I doubt it. Elder lives on V.A. disability in his widowed Mom's home outside Chattanooga in Ringold, GA. Likely the water now in the bottles is right from their tap and then they stick the labels on. If the water is so fabulous why is Elder so disabled drawing his check? It didn't work for him or his Mom.They seem to have Alzheimers or something as it is not like being in contact with any normal business.I do recall Elder barking about Len Horowitz buying his Bionaid and was just his own water from his place in Hawaii in the bottles.Len was cutting him out of buying the water from him or so he claimed at the time even here on GLP. It appears Elder was doing the same thing or took up the practice.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28334170

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28334170

I'm not sure that Burk's business is so bad. He had rent the house in front of his mother's house to install his two brand new goddauthers, and all year long, he rented a nice grey car which costs more than $900,00 a month. So ...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27912202

Are you sure you've been to his subdivision? there was no house in their front yard.The houses all have front yards that go out to the curb like normal unless they moved from the house his Dad lived in.What is "goddauthers"?Likely YOU were the only one paying his payments of things for him. He ran through his Dad's estate money that funded most of his ventures and made no money if you listen to his Mom who's lost the most.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25952117

No, i am absolutely sure about the house in front of the his mother's house. He put Anastasia first in. An he had troubles with the police at this time. So the sheriff of Ringgold has record of the house and Anastasia. You must be Elder to be so angry!

And here, on the picture, the second goddauther, with Elder and his grey car!

[link to www.facebook.com]

Turn him in to the IRS to audit him if you feel he has purposefully conned you and others.I bet he is just NO good with money and has short lived good intentions spread around too far.Seriously I wouldn't believe anyone who wagered such a huge amount of gold.IF they had it, then certainly they wouldn't be having to SELL water.If he is on government handouts many of them you have to count "donations"as income and it takes away your disability or food allotment when they get deducted as it should. It is fraud to not report "donations"if you are on several programs plus taxes are owed.

Unfortunately the newagers I have found are every bit as capable of being corrupt and a scam as mainstream medicine and the Rockefellar scam system.Yet their are naive or good people like your self caught in things, too.

Likely Elder is on some cash flow problem like medical bills and bills all around or he would have sent you the water at least. He also could have taken offense at your offense knowing Elder.He could be low on oxygen from his heart/cardiovascular issue and is just not able to think clearly on the low oxygen...like dealing with someone being strangled.He is getting up there in years and has had his heart condition for many years.

I am not Elder, but I have known him.
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