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Here, a picture from google Earth, showing the second rented house of Elder. Police of Ringgold can confirm that he lived in this house for sometime.

[link to img145.imageshack.us]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28425583

Oh, I see now you meant the house ACROSS the street from his Mom's house not in her front yard.

Try talking with Leona to figure it out. She's a very moral person even if she is over protective of Elder for his age of almost ancient himself.Scots spin yarns and exaggerate but value their reputation.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27912202

It's not possible to talk to Leona. If you really know the family you must be aware of that. Elder says to everybody that his mum is shy, but NO, she's not. She's like his son, selfish and greedy.

About the two goddauthers, Elder had talked about them a lot on his facebook's page.

But, like all his relationships, the relation between these 2 young, fresh, beautiful girls seems no longer lasting.

But, thanks for the futur lawyer who will take the case, it remains the sheriff records!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28439260

OK, my group gets through easier to Leona and she shields Elder. She is not shy and is quite intelligent.I know locals from his home town. Could you restate briefly your "beef" or case like what Elder owes you or the original issues and what could happen to satify you.Try to write it in American English if you can.Maybe list points out of what he needs to pay or send your group (s).I'll see if I can get through. It has solved a few dramatic issues before which had gotten blown all out of proportion by Elder avoiding people he'd sold expensive things to being paranoid.Elder used to go by "Hanged Man" on GLP.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27912202

Thanks to try to negociate a way out.

If you want to stop the lawsuit against Burk Elder you'd better be in touch rapidly with the three former distributors of bionaid Burk Elder has stolen a couple of bucks (American English):

Claus Nicolae Nielsen, Denmark,
Clarence Lee, Singapore,
Rodney, England.

Go to:

[link to www.apsense.com]

and the whole story. Just let a message in the comments area, and/or write to the detailed addresses they let know in the texts (article and comments).
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