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Message Subject I'm an Templar Illuminati reptilian Alien from the Bloodline of Jesus - Ask me anything
Poster Handle Alfie Dee
Post Content
Hey Pennyless, allow me to ask you a few questions:

1. This is a complex one: how do reptilian emotions work? I'm very intrigued by this. You seem to be able to show the greatest examples of kindness, light, and compassion through people such as Jesus Christ (assuming this entire alien theory is true).
However reptilians are also said to control the shadow societies, perpetuate war and famine, and consume babies for sustenance. This last point is intriguing because I've read posts by a supposed vegan reptilian. Are kids consumed by necessity or by choice?
So what's the deal? Am I limiting myself by defining these actions as "good" or "bad?"

2. Can one carry alien blood, regardless of the concentration, and be unaware of it, or are reptilians implicitly fully aware of who and what they are?

3. Do we really end up lowering our frequencies at every wobble (e.g. 21-12-2012)? Are there people whose frequencies increase (ascension)? If we inevitably fall back into complete ignorance, why don't you guys help prevent it rather than go along with it by playing the "Messianic" role at every cycle? (I'm running on a few assumptions here, but the piece definitely fits the puzzle)

I hope I'm not offending you or otherwise making you uncomfortable with these questions. I'm just an extremely curious guy and, as I do in every situation, I'm trying to place myself in your shoes.

All the best. If what you say is true, I hope we can eventually find a way to work together in a relationship that would be symbiotic for all.

Peace, love, and rock & roll,
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