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I for one will be glad when 2012 is over


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United States
10/20/2012 03:37 PM

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I for one will be glad when 2012 is over
The pole will not shift the year and there will be no kill shot solar flare this year either. They may be some more significant earth changes next year but the real thing we need to focus on is the pollution from things like the Gulf of Mexico, Fukashima, Nuclear power plants with its nucular waste, GMO food crops that cross contaminate oranic food, the organic milk police, police refusing to let children have lemonade stands, the shredding of our Constitution and erosion in government.

Yes, there will be some ongoing CMEs, solar flares, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, major storms... but doesn't this always happen?

Perhaps it would be best just to focus on what we can do each day to help make this world is a better place. Even if its picking up trash, cleaning up the yard, growning ones own food, practicing random acts of kindness. It's these little things that add up to help make the planet a better place. Meanwhile, I refuse to focus on all the negativity that we are being bombarded with via various media sources. Nor do I expect any planetary pole shift anytime in the near future.

I also don't expect any nuclear war as we actually do have friends in "high" places who have been monitoring this and stopping things from happening along those lines for years. The real problem is what's already happened - Fukashima and current risks for current nuclear plants around the globe. Who needs a nuclear bomb with this sort of stuff going on?

Best advice is just prepare for winter, enjoy your family and friends, be happy and listen or make some good music, talk story - practice kindness.
The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.
Winston Churchill
Anonymous Coward
10/20/2012 03:38 PM
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Re: I for one will be glad when 2012 is over