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Message Subject Bat Shit Crazy Thread.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have two children, ages 21 & 17. Both still at home. Both are (relatively) good kids.

Except for one flaw they each share.

They ~never~ rinse out their milk glasses no matter how many times I've explained to them 'why' I'd like them to do so.

Instead, they seem to enjoy the many science projects that result from the concrete-like substance that hardens to the bottom of the cup.

Oddly enough, the hardened dairy product always dries at a stange 45 degree angle.

I realize that this is not an 'extinction level event' brought on by disease, starvation, and/or war, however it is an issue that I'm convinced will eventually drive me totally bat-shit crazy....(so I guess I'm being a bit pre-emptive here)

I send this out to the cosmic universe and thank you all for allowing me to vent...... thumbs
 Quoting: ladyannie2009

Thank you! Dang! That was great. Sorry to hear about not rinsing the milk out. Kids! Ya know? Ya have to love them, cause beating them is against the law. chuckle

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