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Message Subject Bat Shit Crazy Thread.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I had this bizarre dream

im going to use this image as an example [link to www.soulsofdistortion.nl]

it didnt look exactly like this but this thing had spiraling arms

the center was like the sun

now picture it all electrified alive and it was slowly moving this thing was gigantic it was more like upright

it was slowly spinning and each time and arm came by
you could hear it

here is the odd part each arm represented a person and when one arm came by and swooped over everyone it was like a wooooosh a feeling and memories visions

but it was alive fully alive total full energy alive and I dont know how to explain more..

as the arm swooped me I had this vision of this family all walking to a door of a house they had jackets on and the man had a hat looked like a family looked like it was cold out

I dont know who these people were the hat he had on looked like it was from the 1950s

but its this spiral it had me captivated it was really amazing and I knew it was alive I knew each arm was a person

and it was big so big covered the whole sky just gigantic and I wasn't afraid of it I just watched with amazement as it gracefully moved

so there is my bat shit crazy dream contribution to the thread..
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