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Message Subject Bat Shit Crazy Thread.
Poster Handle >~* Flutterby Fringe*~<
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Did you see this ?? wish I could find his video's in english but to avail lol anways it sort of fits with your post

interesting considering it coincides with that mayan guy and his explanation of how they will use the galactic energy beam to tilt the earths axis.

also duely noted the date of the 13th that he claims also hmm
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Thread: Urgent! After 24 hours, come the apocalypse, a Russian scientist said. Read all!

Already quite time, I worry about the theory as presented in his lecture researcher Sergey Apin. He bases his research on the knowledge of the ancients. Already here, no one asked the question in several forums and have a few topics about this.

Briefly here is the gist:
The essence of this theory is that the November 13, 2012, our planet, along with the entire solar system is suitable to the body of the galactic beam adjustment, which comes from the center of the galaxy. This beam is used to change the axis of rotation of the planet. If you do not, the planet on which the action of the centrifugal, centripetal and gravitational forces start to squeeze the planet's equator. From the center of the galaxy comes galactic beam adjustment. In two starts this beam direction. Central Sun - is a black hole, from which comes this ray. Most likely it is the nature of the gravitational beam (APIN says he does not know will not say.) And when this beam will approach our planet with the sun - it will be on November 13. And November 13, line up the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and the center of the galaxy in a single line, the Sun its gravitational field as the lens will focus on the south pole of the planet. There will be a soft, but strong enough to push and start its axis precession circular. With each turn of the precession amplitude will increase. When the scale reaches a certain level, the energy of the rotation axis will flow smoothly into the energy of precession. In the end, the scope will reach 90 degrees and the axis will rotate in the same plane, which will give a new equator and the new axis of rotation. This is a natural process that occurs every 12,960 years. This is established by all, even Blavatsky.
When the axis will rotate, then the rotation will basically just a solid mass, the oceans, how-to remain in place. As a result, the oceans will flood the coasts and will wave. This wave height is 250 meters. It will not be a tsunami, do not even care, and the whole mass of the ocean will rush to the coast. And it will break with speed (estimations Sergei APIN) to 200 km. per hour.

People in general do not believe in this information, but for visiting researcher forum I began to arise great doubts. When you read the statements of other researchers confirm the theory Apina are beginning to have a feeling that all the traditional science is mistaken, but the truth is in the knowledge of the ancients.

And what if the theory researcher Sergey Apina doomsday November 13 be true? Are not you scared?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17120160

 Quoting: >~* Flutterby Fringe*~<

On one of the pages on that russian website under prophecies ( look for this .. Analog Hadron Collider built in Dubna, as predicted by the prophet Leo Fedotov) they put this in ... about the solar eclipse and opening the abyss in 2009

Secret History: Year 2009. Breakthrough into the abyss

August 1, 2008, during a total solar eclipse, scientists observe the mysterious phenomenon: when the Moon's shadow completely covers the day-star, disappears solar corona and the sun is like a black hole. This has never happened before in the history of observations. Astronomers speculated astrologers are assured: this eclipse - a sign of the heavens that are coming global changes. 40 days after the eclipse, despite the public outcry, the scientists start the Large Hadron Collider. Immediately after the launch accident occurs. Those who call the collider machine apocalypse claim that its launch is still unexplored awakened forces of nature, and the consequences are unpredictable. September 18 global economic crisis reached its peak, the U.S. financial market collapse. A few days later, the 45-year-old millionaire from LA Karthik Rajaram kills himself. Before you put a bullet in the head, businessman kills wife's mother, wife and three children. In his suicide note Rajaram explains, he does not want his beloved lived in terrible and brutal era, which, in his opinion, will come in
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