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Message Subject Bat Shit Crazy Thread.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
read a little bit of that Russian one on the site it shows maps the new north and south poles..

reminded me of the ending of the movie 2012 the presidents daughter reading the book in the end... have you seen this movie do you remember the ending? something abut everyone has a relative in Wisconsin?

I cant find a clip to the ending of the movie so here have this...

In the movie 2012, does it say the state you are watching from? We saw the movie 2012 in Wisconsin, and at 3 different times it mentioned Wisconsin. It said the people wanted to move back to Wisconsin, the South Pole ended up in Wisconsin, and the book at the end mentioned everyone has a relative in Wisconsin. Was this changed depending on the state it was viewed or was it just "picking" on Wisconsin? [link to answers.yahoo.com]

this year this year this year

2012 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - 03 Wisconsin

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

2012: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
No. Title Length
1. "Time for Miracles" (Performed by Adam Lambert) 4:43
2. "Constellation" 1:30
3. "Wisconsin" 1:14
4. "U.S. Army" 2:20
5. "Ready to Rumble" 1:42
6. "Spirit of Santa Monica" 1:21
7. "It Ain't the End of the World" (Performed by George Segal and Blu Mankuma) 2:52
8. "Great Kid" 2:17
9. "Finding Charlie" 1:45
10. "Run Daddy Run" 1:14
11. "Stepping Into the Darkness" 1:35
12. "Leaving Las Vegas" 1:44
13. "Ashes in D.C." 4:19
14. "We are Taking the Bentley" 3:43
15. "Nampan Plateau" 2:51
16. "Saving Caesar" 2:09
17. "Adrian's Speech" 1:41
18. "Open the Gates!" 2:16
19. "The Impact" 1:49
20. "Suicide Mission" 2:06
21. "2012 The End of the World" 1:24
22. "Collision with Mount Everest" 1:09
23. "The End is Only the Beginning" 5:44
24. "Fades Like a Photograph" (Performed by Filter)
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