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Message Subject Bat Shit Crazy Thread.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
are you a 100% sure its hardwood?

did you see it look at it cause the ones they have today is a mixture not a 100%

after I posted that kept looking around nope I cant find one thing in my house..

wow im a fucking downer today

I have one of those messed up plants in the back yard that makes lemons and limes and oranges all at once so far every fruit its produced its stayed green then got attacked by insects and then fell off the branch and rotted.. and when I cut it in half looks like 'I dont even know'

btw I didnt buy that plant...

there is also a avocado tree in the back but its really my neighbors but she shares it with like everyone and we have a banana tree too but its the Spanish kind

I wish I had a raspberry bush and blue berry bush I use to have one in my back yard growing up
as a kid we could go back there grab a bunch of blue berries and eat it with our cereal =P right off the bush

good times
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