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Message Subject Bat Shit Crazy Thread.
Poster Handle Blue Skies
Post Content
Religion, The Bible, the christfags that rule the US with their mental disorder.
 Quoting: CognitiveDissonance

that reminds me

when I was out earlier the bible thumpers were out at full force at the school they are not allowed to be on the property so they wait like wolfs on the out skirts of the property surrounding it

and they have like brightly colored mini bible books in orange or red boxes of them ready for when the kids come out to target them

like fucking wolves......

so today my kid tells me they are there...... I was tempted I was really tempted but not in the mood...

she told me kids were flipping them off...

you will think im an evil wench after saying this but

I drive by blaring black sabbath then I scream as I drive by hail Satan! pisses them off big time..

ok I only did this once... but it was funny as heck...

I really wanna dress in a devil costume and go stand by them as they hand out the books to the kids

cause like they say its their Constitutional right to stand there and free speech and what not..

to harass these kids with no parents around all under age kids..

end of rant

bbl for fun!
 Quoting: SeaPunk

I can picture it now.....The bible thumpers running screaming away from you.kks8
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