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Message Subject Bat Shit Crazy Thread.
Poster Handle izaak2
Post Content
I think I belong here, since recently I felt I was going batshitcrazy!!! WTF! I've never experienced such extreme emotional swings, Crazy thoughts, and paranoia. 5a

Just wondering what triggered it. It's too much to handle.But I know it will pass.
 Quoting: izaak2

just ride it out man :)
enjoy when you feel up and just let it go when you feel down, it's all chemistry and emotion.

be aware of it, don't give in to it
 Quoting: Michael_

Thanks man!
When you become aware of the emotions and thoughts You become separate from those energies but it then tries to pull you back to it, so the key is to be still...


depends on what it is.

the longer you wait to come clean, the worse it is and less likely the other person will feel you are sincere (i.e, if you've been having an affair for a few years, stuff like that).

honestly is always the best policy, not just for the others involved but more for yourself, so you can be free and move on with being a true person, as opposed to being a jackass.

I've had a bunch of people fuck me over in life. of those who sincerely asked for my forgiveness and were sorry, I forgave them and then depending on how bad they fucked me over, I quickly discarded them from my life to protect myself from future fuck overs (history often repeats itself). Its hard when its a spouse, because there is so much riding on the next fuck up.

good luck. Just be honest and sincere, you can never go wrong for your own well being for that. what the other person does or thinks isn't really important.
 Quoting: I know 5813027

I didn't cheat on anyone, its just my behaviour towards others has been negative, and I'm feeling guilty even though my behavior was a reaction to others being dicks....whatever
 Quoting: izaak2

Self, the hardest to overcome when faced with a new reality.

How then can one be the accused and the accuser, to see the grey within the darkness, not dwelling on the black nor the white, to not be caught up into the ebb and the flow of this thing.

Perhaps a far easier thing to find GOD.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27481875

I've been thinking about those colors black and white ( [link to i246.photobucket.com] Thread: Princess Leia ) when we rise above that we see the illusion that black and white create...( hf
 Quoting: izaak2
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