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Message Subject Bat Shit Crazy Thread.
Poster Handle shenandoah
Post Content
Who you are! If you cant spell! Nobody belives you about the nonsense your spewing! Post it here! Maybe someone will give a damn! I dont give a shit if you know big words or can even spell, from pillars of light to healing power of donkey nuts, to fantasy lunar foot ball leagues, to my aunt told me that meteors are spirits and the devil lives in jimmy johnsons panties and thats how he won all them there nascar championships. IF its real to you, tell everyone here what the fuck it is.

If you dont like this thread, fuck you! If you do, fuck you! One star 5 star it doesnt matter tard. This is the thread for the truly insain.

If Mitt Romney speaks subliminal angelic messages to you through a funnel of light! We here wanna know how to avoid that shit!

Your thoughts?
 Quoting: Get your Rant on! 24736634

Some people think I'm bat-shit crazy, because I discovered that Neanderthals are/were a Human sub-species resulting from the deliberate and organized hybridization of female Humans and ~Rhesus monkeys. That occured in ancient SW Asia, and gave rise to the origins of all the Aryan and Indo-European tribes. It is also how Rh- bloodtypes (carried by a recessive gene) were bred into the Human population.
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