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Message Subject Bat Shit Crazy Thread.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
C8.4 coming over the eastern limb.

[link to www.swpc.noaa.gov]
 Quoting: TS66

Space Weather Message Code: ALTTP2
Serial Number: 829
Issue Time: 2012 Nov 16 1605 UTC

ALERT: Type II Radio Emission
Begin Time: 2012 Nov 16 1540 UTC

Estimated Velocity: 511 km/s
Description: Type II emissions occur in association with eruptions on the sun and typically indicate a coronal mass ejection is associated with a flare event.

[link to www.swpc.noaa.gov]

Nice one! Still try to catch up on the overnight activity.
 Quoting: Hugh M Eye

Solarsoft is showing the C8.4 coming from the northeast limb. I don't see any ARs near there, so this was either a filament eruption or a new region is forming there. We are expecting the return of regions 1598 & 1599 in the south. Here's what they looked like last time-


The SIDC comments on the big filament liftoff on the east limb (which coincided with the LDE from 1613 hyder flare):

COMMENT: Solar activity has been eruptive during the past 24 hours,
featuring three C flares from NOAA AR 11613. The C1.4 long duration
flare peaking at 07:51 UT on November 16 was associated with a filament
eruption near AR 11613. Concurrently, a filament on the eastern limb
erupted. The available coronagraph data from COR2 A aboard STEREO
suggest that the corresponding CMEs will not be geo-effective.
C-level flares are expected within the next 48 hours, with a chance for
an M flare, especially from AR 11613. Geomagnetic activity was at quiet
levels (K Dourbes between 0 and 3; NOAA Kp between 0 and 2) during the
past 24 hours. Quiet (K Dourbes < 4) conditions are expected for
November 16, 17 and 18.
[link to sidc.oma.be]

Here's the SEEDS Movie of CME:

[link to spaceweather.gmu.edu]

 Quoting: Hugh M Eye
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