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Message Subject Bat Shit Crazy Thread.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
and on that note....
made everyone look like a crazy loony freak conspiracy nut

yah......... there are people who know little bits of things if they did tell they are marked off as bat shit crazy NO ONE will pay them any attention...

and the ones who really know things

well....... they vanish or found well you know......

thats just my personal opinion of reading about black projects and about mad scientist...

so when you hear this person is a whistle blower... there is no such thing....

like the guy GLP interviews alot Douglas Dietrich

this guy can tell some serious stories! some of the stuff bizarre some yah ok I wouldn't doubt it...

but hes not in the know

he talks about how the government would summon deep dark evil spirits or entities for war and how other countries did this as well fucked up mind blowing shit

something something like this... the guy talks so fast it was hard to soak it all in..

but interesting shows on GLP chat...
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