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Message Subject Bat Shit Crazy Thread.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I wish I knew some of the screen names of the people who were in chat last night asking questions

there is some things that were brought up id love to talk about... see what others think abut it...

one question that was brought up about 'programing' and video games / the internet and music.

he said it was to turn them pretty much into a zombie not like a blood death zombie but a worker..

something something like that lots of chat got cut off..

cause id like to know why when I hear some songs on the radio or TV or anywhere I am that there is music playing I go bat shit crazy and my mind goes nuts with thoughts........

didnt use to be like that before id use it while working and drawing but always my idea changed and the music changed my drawings.. its like the music took over and something came from it then id read people say things like did you know this is in your art did you do that on purpose then id have to look again and say well shit no didn't see that but wow ok cool...

lots of artist use music while painting or drawing... its a flow....... ive even experimented drawing with no music and it just wasnt as fun

btw im extremely fucking caffeinated coffee was too powerful this morning!!!!! I need to shut the fuck up maybe go eat and mellow out and shit......
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