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Message Subject angels and aliens
Poster Handle the angel man
Post Content

The Spirit part of the DNA code is awakening.

Have you had the experience of being one with the whole universe? I remember lying in a stream at night looking up at the stars. I felt one with everything. It is just a short step to believing that that star there, Sirius A is a part of me, is within me and that is why some people can experience what is happening there.

By focusing on the detail they can channel a Sirian, a spirit being from Sirius. You can too, by awakening that aspect of your cellular DNA. As a matter of fact. you can contact a being from any planet or star the same way. and it is our birthright to do so, in order to come into our full potential; our full DNA awakening, our galactic being.

The first time I saw my angel it was a being of fire, standing at the end of my bed. It then lay down with me and began to breathe within me. I thought it was a Vulcan, a being from behind the sun. I now know it was a Vulcan aspect of my angel, Raphael.

Another friend, Kalina Rose channels the Andromedan aspect of Raphael.
These are stepdowns from the full immortal measureless aspects of archangel Raphael. No mystery, no conspiracy, just not every day.
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