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Message Subject There is no need for anyone to rant and rave at one another over “religion”
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What one believes is one’s personal business, and is thus a matter between the individual and God.
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Or non-God as the case may be. Religion is a personal thing, experienced by each individual, personally, inside their heads. It does not have any broader external reality, except if individuals, motivated by belief, take action in the real world. As such, all religious thinking should remain where it belongs, in the privacy of the mind. As long as people do not act as a hindrance to the aspirations of others, it does not really matter what is happening in their imaginations. Everyone has a different starting set of assumptions, which they derive from the environment in which they grow up. This mean that some people will assume a god is important to them, when determining their place in the universe, and others will assume they can get more information from the laws of physics.

As long as one’s deeds are righteous, then we can

embrace as brothers in righteousness.
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What matters is that regardless of any external realities, of which we can only guess, we humans are made of the same stuff. We come to the realization that we have identity and that we exist. We have similar needs, hopes, fears and desires. We all need to recognize that we are in this together. So by recognizing each person as a brother, we also recognize their right to the same aspirations we would desire for ourselves. This is why Jesus' rules were succinct, simple and obvious. From Jesus teachings we realize he recognized the fundamental equality of all persons. "Do unto others as you would be done to". "Treat your neighbor as yourself". There is no need to introduce righteousness into it, because it has religious implications that do not apply to all people. It is a concept from a small group of faiths. It is also unnecessary.

There are those however, because of how they

interpret the word and meaning of “faith,” cannot be as magnanimous and embracing of other spiritual people.

Why argue when we can agree?

So much is in common

Why think with prejudice when instead we can see in
good faith.

 Quoting: All GOD 22255234

When a person sees someone disagree with an aspect of their faith, they feel motivated to shore up any potential cracks in the edifice of their world view. Every time a "faithful" person sees someone who does not believe as they do, it is a potential under-miner of faith. People get quite angry and heated when defending their reasons for accepting a particular religious idea as truth. It would be better if they just dismissed the other as someone who did not have the boon of their understanding. Then there is the twisted and tortured logic that some faithful use. On top of a ludicrous and absurd belief system, you cannot help sometimes but laugh at that logic. They sometimes have to plunge quite deep to plug all the logic holes. I mean, you have to admit that some of them are hilarious. So then knowing they are being laughed at, makes them angry and retreat into the scriptural teachings that told them they would be laughed at. Then they feel all better. So people getting angry, people laughing, it is a recipe for discord.
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