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Message Subject There is no need for anyone to rant and rave at one another over “religion”
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I agree with you to a point, and that's because I believe in salvation through Jesus. So I will not be silent if I find an opportunity to share my faith with someone who hasn't heard the good news or who has heard it but may need to hear it again. I neither rant nor rave at anyone nor do I force conversations. I watch for open doors.

However, holding an absolute view of God leads some to view my position as intolerant. The idea of Jesus is understandably offensive to some, but in the end, you will find no offended people in heaven. Some of its citizens will be those who got pissed off at believers sharing the gospel but then who came to faith later.

I read a book by an author who was ticked at some woman for sharing her faith, but he never forgot her. And later in life when he heard more and more from other people he finally understood and received Christ. I seem to remember him saying it takes an average of seven times for a person to hear the gospel before receiving Christ.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1465884

Christ Allah Buddah

What ever

God is God

Do Good

try not to Do evil

act with love toward God and man
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