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Message Subject There is no need for anyone to rant and rave at one another over “religion”
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What one believes is one’s personal business, and is thus a matter between the individual and God.

As long as one’s deeds are righteous, then we can

embrace as brothers in righteousness.

There are those however, because of how they

interpret the word and meaning of “faith,” cannot be as magnanimous and embracing of other spiritual people.

Why argue when we can agree?

So much is in common

Why think with prejudice when instead we can see in
good faith.

Let us expand our spiritual horizons by education and understanding

If you really love God and God is truly you desire, we can then walk together.

We can study the Divine Word, we can do so together , there is no reason we cannot.

Some look to beliefs, Others look to actions.

There is no need for anyone to rant and rave at one another over “religion” , this does not “glorify” God’s Name.

Thus is only racism, hatred, and evil.

When the Messiah finally comes, he will solve all our theological differences.

Until then, let us all learn to live together in peace so that we can all be here to

greet him we he does finally come………………………………………………

. “Behold how good and pleasant it is for brothers to

dwell together in unity” (Psalm 133:1).


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 Quoting: All GOD 22255234

I speak with respect when I say that I totally agree there is no need for ranting and raving, as well as personal attacks!

But again with respect, I note that your sentiment sounds good...sounds logical, but here's the problem:

For the sake of illustration, let's assume you are thirsty and I set a tall glass of pure water in front of you...then I walk over to the kitty box and pick out one grain of soiled kitty litter...and then drop it into your glass of water...then I say, "look, the glass is 99.9% water with only a tiny amount of animal sewage (non-truth) in it...go ahead and drink it!"

You would (should) be repulsed by the proposition...most people would wretch at the thought of drinking it!

Your proposition, while sounding good and loving avoids the critical issue, that there is only One True God, and that He has created One Way for our salvation. So if we go with your proposition (and most do), *many* will be lost for eternity!

Lastly, I (and many others) don't preach "our" way...or "our" words, we preach "His Way" and "His Words"

Make sense?
 Quoting: jdb

And why do you think that you have the true. You are a liar when you said that you are preaching "is way" and "his words" when you are using the bible. I am catholic and baptized in Jesus name. And believe me He never ask me to go and preach. He ask that to is apostols and you are not. You just think that you are. And the worst of it, it is that you use the bible when you should use the cathechism. So leave God thinks to God and live your own life for a change.
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