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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle green_girl
Post Content
I have always had trouble believing the people that claim to have had visions. It just doesn;t seem like a thing God or his angels would do - show themselves to one follower and not another. Surely God knows how the world works, and that so many people lie, exaggerate, make false claims, that He should understand that I cannot simply believe everything everyone claims. Satan can do everything too. How are we to know truth from evil or lies? I will not ever ever follow anyone claiming to have had visions for these reasons. I read their stories, I hope for something that I can know 100% has not been touched by evil, but I never find it. I have told God that I will follow any vision, as long as it is a vision given to me, and I have let him see into my heart to know the reasons for this. I trust no one, even adorable children that make big claims.
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