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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I come from the perceptive of the the 2 different faiths of Christianity. Both RC and Protestant faiths, wait a minute they are 2 different faiths? No they are not but their leaders act like they are or present them like they are. Consequently their parishioners do the same. If one is defending a dogma they are not defending their faith in Christ if they even have any faith in Christ. One thing to say another to demonstrate it. Somethings are grey matter at least they are to our understanding. Honor one another as Christ would honor us and He does if we follow His ways. The Angels of Heaven do not accept the praise or acclaim of humans or Angels, they might be flattered by it however, lol. If one wants to honor a Saint of old or even new let them for they are honoring Christ whom they served here on earth. Of course I am talking about the Protestants who are always flattering their Saints of old and new. Always referring to men like A.W. Tozer and the like. Like David Wilkerson, I know some guy named Patch keeps referring to him, lol. Love and RESPECT each other, you can not love with out respect. Respect each other above your dogmas. We have only one Lord and One Savior or at least we are suppose to.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21500116

I prefer no personal references ac..as to names etc.. of posters..thank you..
He also happens to be a friend of mine.
Thank you
 Quoting: wildhoney

I am Patch and I try to learn from my own mistakes and my past ignorance. Catholics and Protestants should agree to disagree peacefully and with respect and honor. If either of these ingredients are missing from love then it is not love at all. They should both follow Christ and not their leaders that put their own interpretation on what Jesus plainly taught us and He simplified His teaching so anyone could understand what love is and how we should live while we still live. Blessings, many toward you and all that truly love Christ Jesus. hf
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