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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle wildhoney
Post Content
I think ..man should pray in humility before God like the angel taught the children..prostrate with forehead touching the ground..repeating the prayer the angel taught them
In my opinion..in todays society man and woman have been exalted even abve God..
 Quoting: wildhoney


That sounds like how the Muslims pray, with their butt pointed to the sky.

Fatima is a famous Muslim name.

I like St. Vincent of Lerins - He said the faith should be what EVERYONE agrees that is and always has been part of the Christian faith.
 Quoting: Classiccom

It seems that its origin was in a tragic love story between a Christian and a moorish princess that was captured..they eventually married..but she died shortly after and he allegedly built a shrine in her memory..
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