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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle wildhoney
Post Content
Lucia had a tough time with her mother and sisters over the apparition..

These poor three children were allegedly kidnapped by the Administrator Santos..sort of Mayor of the place under pretext of giving them a lift to the place where the apparition was due..with thousands waiting on them..he kidnapped them allegedly..and took them and shut them in a room in his house.!

Then seemingly he had them imprisoned in jail..in a cell with the common prisoners!!!
Three children..and two of them little girls!!

Seems he wanted to know the third secret..so he locked them up till they would speak..

The prisoners took pity and started singing snd dancing to try to chear the children up..then they startd praying the Rosary with the three children

Santos then reportedly threatened to boil them alive unless they revealed the third secret..but still they wouldnt..
So he took them one by one away..on pretext of boiling them alive..but they wouldnt speak..

So he eventually released them
Allegedly not before threatening to have them killed
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