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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle Rxel
Post Content
From this Jacob fight originated saying that man is higher than angels. Jacob was fighting with archangel Michael. God descended and said, that Michael is his priest in heaven, but Jacob is his priest on earth. Also God said, that Jacob is his fist-born son, [hint to Christ] and appointed Michael as guardian angel of Jacob-Israel. One of the meanings-interpretations of name Israel is "the man who saw God".
Jacob gave to this place name Penuel and Mahanaim, it is some anomalous place, and means "the place of encounter with angels".
At another day Jacob met Esau, on this day, sun rose two hours too early, and shone like in the days of creation. But on this day, Jacob was punished, because, you can see, on Gen.32 he calls Esau his lord. For this reason to Esau descendants was given dominion over this world, to Jacob dominion in the world to come.
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