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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle Shayla
Post Content
I think the Fatima story is very interesting for all kinds of reasons.

First off, when I became Christian it was under the guidance of a catholic, and having never been indoctrinated into any religion as a child I was really able to see the profound beauty and universal truth of the Christian mysteries. However, I never formally joined the church and find infighting between so called 'Christian' to be anathema to the entire teaching of Jesus Christ.

Second, maybe 13 years after my initial conversion (where I also started to see the truths in Sufism, Kabbalah, Buddhism and so on, although I saw Christ as the one true Master), I finally comprehended why people have a fear and mistrust of the institutional Roman Catholic church. There is no need to reiterate the corruption that has befallen it - it gives me no pleasure, in fact it is one of the primary tragedies on this earth IMO. Suffice to say, however, that I began to ask certain questions.

One thing that niggled at me was why, given the extreme prominence of Mary, especially in recent times, the Vatican did not fully adhere to instructions given at Fatima (also at Amsterdam, by Our Lady of all Nations), considering that Marian apparitions (some of which I certainly believe are of supernatural origin, Zeitoun in particular springing to mind) are so fundamental to RC worship.

Now, as I understand it from Malachi Martin, the third secret of Fatima pertains to the desecration of the Holy of Holies and the smoke of Satan entering the church. This, apparently, is why it was too terrible to speak of and why Lucia was sworn entirely to silence. There are other issues as well - why, indeed, were the necessary steps towards the consecration of Russia not taken, as instructed?

So now we have to accept that the RC church has either been led unwittingly, or has wilfully entered into a field that is rife with conspiracy theories, for want of a better term. There are some, for example, who claim that the real sister Lucia was replaced with an imposter.

And can we allow ourselves to forget what happened to John Paul 1, a true lamb of God, who determinedly set out to root out corruption - especially financial corruption - in the house of God, and who many think was murdered for this?

All the popes choose their names with great care and all can be placed exactly within the prophecy of St Malachy, including Benedict.

so yes, there is much food for thought around Fatima, to say the least.

On another note, because there are undoubtedly evil threads within the church - as in all religious institutions - one shouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak, but should exercise discernment with each individual case to take it on its own merits. There are many sublime miracles associated with both the eucharist, both in principle and in specific instances over the years, and both the RC and Greek Orthodox churches are custodians of divine truth.

For those with an interest in Marian apparitions I would encourage you to look into both the miracles of Our Lady of all Nations and also the Madonna of Zeitoun, who was witnessed by about a million people over a year I think it was. There is also an incredible story of a girl who was literally struck down on the road to Damascus in Syria, as was St Paul, and numerous videos of her weeping oil, olive oil pouring from her body as she receives vision of our Lord - amazing stuff.

Peace and love brothers and sisters united xx
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