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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle wildhoney
Post Content
very interesting replies..thank you

Nobilityy of Soul..as Mother Angelica said..the Nobility of Soul..that produces nobility of sentiments and a behaviour in accordnance.

We will not enter the kingdom based on how often we have prayed..in my opinion..though that is of worth no doubt..but according to our inner light..love..pureness..compassion..empathy..the goodness of soul and spirit..the nobility of soul that purifies everything we do say think..that elevates us above ourselves..our me myself and I..the complete detachment from the ego..where we become nothing else but vessels of love..

Light..so bright ..that it creates a state of being that is of a different frequency to that of the low tone reality that surrounds us..based on the ego..on the me myself and I..where the cosmos is a one person existence..and others mere satellites..

To view reality as it is..not as it seems..to look and percieve the inner world of the people we encounter..and not just the mask they display..to please..and or to hide..

To be Christ like...

To be in the world but not of it..

Then the world no longer has anything to offer us..we do not hunger for approval of people..or estaments..we no longer need its diversions..its baits..its mirages..because all is within..The Kingdom is Within us..and we are fulfilled and at peace..and we become one with the will of God..

So we dream and pray for the state of existence to envelope the whole world..so purity can manifest in all of creation..
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