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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle wildhoney
Post Content
We have
1.The man who shot the Pope allegedly screaching out from his prison cell via newspaper interviews fro the Pope JPII to reveal the secret..hardly a holy character requesting it

2.The mayor of the locality who allegedly kidnapped the children..threw them in jail..threatened to boil them to death unless they revelaed the secret..again..doesnt seem a Holy person

3.Wordly media requesting the third secret to be made public..no comment

Sure many good holy people of the faith want to know it too..but why should we? is it important?

We already have prophecies saying God will destroy the world of man and re instore His Kingdom..We have many prophecies telling us to lead a holy life..to repent and not sin etc..so why should we know? We know what we have to do and how to behave..

What iF the secret contains some very delicate end time information that only the Pope should know..as head of the church of Christ

just speculating here
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