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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle wildhoney
Post Content
My recollection of the 3 secrets...it's been awhile...

Many priests and teachers of the Holy Faith would go to hell for the errors in teaching. Many believe this is the teachings surrounding ecumenism.

That many of the faithful would suffer the pains of hell for sins of the flesh. Message, fast and die to oneself.

The biggee, was that God would use Russia as a scourge against the world for it's great sinfulness. I think this goes back to when both Kruschev and Kennedy read the popes not on Fatima in the 60's. Not long after that we had the Bay of Pigs and a major surge in the nuclear arms deterrent race. Revelations speaks of Magog, Moscow, being a directly north of Jerusalem and a great chastisement that comes from there.

Please do not forget the 70,000 people that gathered and witnessed the Miracle of the Sun. It was raining in torrents the day professed a great miracle would occur for all to witness. Everyone was drenched and knee deep in mud. In a matter of seconds the sun began to gyrate and act as if it was going to crash to earth and ended up drying everyone present in a flash....

William Thomas Walsh's account of these events was the best I have ever read. In a Q & A at the end of the book he asks the question: How the United States figured into all of the end time prophecies. Sister Lucia response initially was a laugh, she then intimated that we didn't.

It has always been my feeling that we would either be destroyed by some calamity and were rendered incapacitated, being to preoccupied with our own problems.

God Bless Us All and have Mercy on our Souls.
 Quoting: 4Evergirl

Thank you for sharing..


Yes witnessed by so many..press included..they simply cant waltz around this one..

lol..I didnt know she laughed when asked that question..hmmm..
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