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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Back to Fatima..these children ..the oldest barely 9 years old..prayed the Rosary every day after their meal..out in the fields! They didnt do it after the apparitions only..they did it before..to them it was normal..they didnt do it because they had to..because their parents did..because they were told to..they did it because they wanted to..alone..without parents..they sat quietly among the olive trees and prayed the Rosary!

isnt that absolutely beautiful?

I keep thinking about this..and looking at present day society and the values that are being thrown about..its just sick

If one prays or believes..one is considered a weirdo..among most people..

If you tell people you have a little altar and pray the Rosary..maybe every day..or go in the woods to pray..what would they think? weird!!

Wouldnt they? Most people would..

What values are kids getting today?

how many children today would pray the Rosary by their own will and accord..before they are even 10 years old..?

Some wonderful exceptions..but exceptions nonetheless..
Just my opinion..but thats what I see when I look around..

Total decadence..where most children are taught that what matters is material...money..success..to achieve..etc..etc..
the culture of me myself and I..where life is a competition to see who has the most fun and gets the most out of life....sure happiness ..joy and fun are wonderful..I would be the biggest hypocrite if I said otherwise..to pretend I am of a melancholic disposition..would be a lie..I am not..quite the opposite..but there is fun..joy..happiness..laughter..in living with Presencia De Dios..Gods Presence..to feel He is there..He sees..

We may make mistakes..but let them be based on LOVE..Love to me at least is what makes Life..Life..
 Quoting: wildhoney

Amazing post, so very true and accurate. Bravo Wildhoney! Love is indeed larger than life.

I repair electronics for a living, computers, DVD recorders and all that rubbish. On servicing it is common to see personal video recordings and this is what I have found is so common today.

In general, the old folk have family gatherings, holiday and videos with an emphasis on family. The younguns have explicit sex scenes, bullying incidents and all manner of dark intent. This has confirmed it for me, the adversaries have control in this present darkness and are focusing their efforts on those who most vulnerable, those who have no spiritual training or understanding.

On topic, I see that your faith is invincible, unwavering and true. I would like to expound my knowledge of the Fatima
apparitions as I have experienced an insight that is not for public display. May I contact you independent of this board?
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