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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle wildhoney
Post Content
Why pro- Catholic Christian faith as opposed to superstition? Because it drives people away from the Faith. Check out this thread.

Statue of the Blessed Mother that survived Hurricane Sandy

Thread: Statue of the Blessed Mother that survived Hurricane Sandy

Quote from Ireland

"I'm sure plenty of other crap survived, but naturally because one piece of junk happens to be religious in nature, it's a SIGN!

A sign that religious people are morons."


I know that comment sounds crude and harsh, but after all the suffering because of pedophile priests and their papal protectors, the ire of Ireland is justified. Can you imagine the victim's mind contemplating Catholics doing nothing to stop pedo priests and yet see them travel around the world to Fatima and Medugorje for an uncertain source of "faith". No wonder Time magazine reported that the biggest loss of faith is the huge number of Irish Americans who are now atheists.
I just read that 1 of 10 Americans are ex-Catholics.

Douay-Rheims Bible Proverbs 17:12
It is better to meet a bear robbed of her whelps, than a fool trusting in his own folly.
 Quoting: Classiccom

Firstly its not the quantity but the quality..who cares if there is just a hand ful left as long as they are true and faithful..the real deal

As to the statue surviving..I think its a wonderful sign..as was the monsatery surviving in Hiroshima against all odds..that is a miracle..the monks..I think they were monks Id have to google..unscathed..absolutely..

I believe in signs so so much..It requires a lot of discernment..but if you get the gnack of it you can almost predict events..

I think that pic of the Blessed Mother said it all..great thread from Mary who does a great job here..tirelessly..

I think its wonderful people travel for Faith..I understand it..I have seen it in my family..and its beautiful..to have faith while surrounded by the darkness of this secular world is a miracle in itself..and it what keeps us going on..faith and hope that tomorrow will be better..and that soon His Kingdom will come..

Ive never been to Med so can't comment..

Fatima is just so part of me..always has been..

Now thankfully also devoted to the Miraculous Medal..

So dont be embittered Classicom...if that is what you feel

If we are the true church as many believe..I do too..obviously understandable many beg to differ as that is ones priority..but..if we are..as I believe..it makes sense that "evil" would infiltrate it and try to destroy it from within..with sin..

It wouldnt bother if the Catholic Church wasnt important..dont you think

Nothing is perfect in this fallen world..and we are not exempt..but its not too bad considering..

I am happy with it..and I have been checking out other places too..and religions..just to get a 360 view of things..but nope..no place like home..with all its maybe faults..to me its the best there is..

Fatima is not superstition..its faith and belief..
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