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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle Classiccom
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Quote"No..we had them at home..my Great Aunt..Mystic..Very Beautiful..gave all up....and walked bare foot for the rest of her life..even in the snow..she said she wanted to do this for conversion of sinners..she had visions..she used to prophesize..about end times etc....unfortunately it has been kept quiet so I dont know what she saw..my auntie says she was spot on though"


Mystic and beauty could = spiritual pride. She never married and had children ?

Google "familiar spirits" and maybe that is what is affecting you. (I think they follow each generation) I have seen the nicest Catholics get fooled. Supernatural signs and wonders are not a substitute for true faith. I don't believe in Padre Pio either. Look at the satanic church they built in his honor.

[link to padrepioandchiesaviva.com]
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