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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Hi, I love reading the converstation between you and wildhoney. It keeps on, shows you are open. Way to go,
both of you.

Classicom and Salt,

No one will say how is it prayers said to a particular saint
in Heaven for their intercession to God for a particular
intention get answered? Some prayer intentions end in miracles and are science tested to confirm. Another fact, prayer intentions begin, they are said silently often, no one knows of them. Explain how they got answered?

There are so many miracles attributed to St. Padre Pio, while he was alive and now that he is in Heaven. People from different faith backgrounds. One science tested
miracle while Pio was alive, a worker's eye was completely
destroyed and miraculously, it appeared, in tact, he
could see.

[link to www.padrepiodevotions.org]

Read some testimonies... Pio is certainly one powerful saint to ask for help. The saint's intercession is all
in God's Will. We are all one family.

God wants us all to believe the same, He's going to show
the world soon.
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