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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle Shamar
Post Content

This is a strange reality..and sometimes its nice to find a place where everything makes sense..everything is as it should be..and its a home..warm and cosy and peaceful..to me that is the Catholic Church..

Where forgiveness and love is the
energy that flows..

A refuge..a sanctuary..where the door is open to anyone who wants a place to be..a place to heal..to rest..to grow

Thats how I see it..

Its a home..in the dark crazy storm thats raging..it is a home where one can find confort..by being in the presence of the Holy Eucharist..

Where you dont feel judgment..you feel forgiveness...where I have never ever heard anyone say we are saved..they arent..

I honestly wouldnt know where else to be..I have looked around..but there is no place like it to me..

When there are inner doubts..or unrest..just light a candle to the Blessed Mother..even in the quiet of your home..kneel and pray quietly..I have it lit every night..it gives peace..in my opinion

I am so grateful that through Divine Providence I was born into it..and continued into it..though my knowledge is not up to par with other Catholics I know..I hope it doesnt show too much
 Quoting: wildhoney

I guess I am remembering back to my own childhood and raising in the CC. It was more ritual, a *have-to-do* kind of thing....as a child, with nuns whacking you up side the head, or your knuckles, or throwing books or erasers as you.

And in church, fainting due to hunger or maybe it was boredom. As an adult, observing people whose minds obvioiusly were anywhere but where there physical person was, who would about bust down the doors to get home to their dinner or what have you, after service was over.

Nope. no life there in my opinion.

To me..........communion with the Most High with fellow believers is more like this:

I understand that not everybody will get out of it though what I do.......hf
 Quoting: Shamar


Upset over a sister's actions in grade school? The Holy
Mass is boring to you, because you do not understand
it's value.

Neither are reasons to leave the faith. There's not much
grace in easy "fellowship", God has more for you. The
greatest form of worship is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. You receive God, Our Lord in the most Holy

You need the "fullness" of God's grace, that's why He is
going to bring about the Great Warning. Look, myself included, I did not understand the faith until my conversion. Bad catechesis for almost fifty years!

MO, he's working on you, love you sister, hf

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20541213

Like I said Mary..my knowledge is extremely limited at best..and it is not false modesty..it is the truth..so if I am making any sense at all it is strictly through the Grace of God..and the Glory His alone..hf
 Quoting: wildhoney

My knowledge is up to par and just fine! ask me any question re catholicism and I will have an answer. RCC is a work of Lilith which has contaminated the entire earth through her people the Edomites, which now have dominion over Jacob.

Mary, AHYH love you.......but no, He is not *working* on me.......hf
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