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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The sacraments are placed for a reason, the reason is to put your faith soully in Christ. Teaching aids for your understanding what it is to have a personal knowledge of God. If you miss the purpose of the guidance God gives us in various rites in religion then there is no purpose for them. Focus on the Purpose and not the rite that is there to guide you in your life. While we do honor and respect the Heroes of our Faith we should always remember there Inspiration who guided them all through there joys and heart aches. Most of our Heroes where treated poorly and most of these Saints were Hebrews who personally fulfilled there religious vows and rites, I am sure you can think of several rites they had to go through. But they learned the lessons these rites taught them and thats how they became Heroes. There lessons in faith teach us to this day. Some in Christendom look at their lives as personal inspiration to there own walk of faith. Intention can be seen and heard if you listen to the intentions of a heart instead of the acts(act as in theater) of a heart.
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