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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I have always had trouble believing the people that claim to have had visions. It just doesn;t seem like a thing God or his angels would do - show themselves to one follower and not another. Surely God knows how the world works, and that so many people lie, exaggerate, make false claims, that He should understand that I cannot simply believe everything everyone claims. Satan can do everything too. How are we to know truth from evil or lies? I will not ever ever follow anyone claiming to have had visions for these reasons. I read their stories, I hope for something that I can know 100% has not been touched by evil, but I never find it. I have told God that I will follow any vision, as long as it is a vision given to me, and I have let him see into my heart to know the reasons for this. I trust no one, even adorable children that make big claims.
 Quoting: green_girl

Some people have visions or dreams, some people dismiss them. Visions are usually a communication from the spiritual world and give guidance or show a way.

Those of you who see a demon or devil behind every rock or corner, do not fear. If you say a vision is evil then point out the evil. If there is no evil, there is none

What happens most time are all the people putting their own spin on the vision or illumination.
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