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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There are many correlations in the world today with the description of end times as clearly dictated in Revelations and other prophetic books.

Be that nations threatening war, earth tremors and astronomic signs, to say nothing of the rise of the AC and the formation of the NWO as aptly depicted in the DIA murals amongst other demonic and in your face, blatant horrors that 'grace' that site.

If it is not yet clear to those of you who think that this is all a game of chance, then you had best sit down and consider your stance. Soon our freedom to communicate will be compromised in all but the most private circles and even then great risk is involved. Your right to freewill, the very essence of liberty, will come under attack. Many will fall for the trick, the deceit will flow like blood through capillaries and spread its venom across the planet.

Already drone surveillance and comms monitoring is underway and laws that supplant justice, equality and freedom, the very basis of constitutions and human rights, will become prime directives of the controlling elite and the forces they summon. This is the beginning of the tribulation, where as the Marian apparitions correctly conveyed at Fatima, the failures of Russia (replace Church with State), will permeate the world. You will be forced to turn your face from God and be marked for disposal...not by God but by your own endorsement of the deal. To trade your soul through fear and give up your lighted aura for certain death.

The 42 months are upon us, watch as the abomination changes from a peaceful orator to a tormented dictator and be careful of your words and will, for a great deception has descended and will pervade your very mind, until your subservience is ensured. Change you..yes we can!

Resistance is futile, only a true, honest and faithful heart has any chance of salvation, even then, through the most horrendous trials and afflictions. Strong and powerful forces are amassing that will cause men to cower in the mud at the terrors these horsemen inflict, Blucifer turns on his creator...so to speak.
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