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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle Classiccom
Post Content
hi..this is the best i could find regarding your query..
taken from the book
The Third Secret
By Frere Michel de la Sainte Trinité

It could not be said better.Sister Lucia herself greatly recommends reading, studying, meditating on the Apocalypse. We have seen that when questioned on the contents of the third Secret. she answered :"It´s in the Gospel and the Apocalypse, read them !"
end quote
 Quoting: wildhoney


700 plus pages in that book? This is why I gave up on Fatima back in the 80's. Fatima was the nerve gas that helped tranquilize the world into accepting the anti-Christ gospel . The way we behave is influenced by Hollywood (established 1911) and America (materialism uber alles) much more than any communist from Russia. Think Gospel speck in the eye compared to a beam of wood. Fatima drives away common sense and relying on the words of the Gospel. The "errors of Russia" was a magicians trick not to look in the mirror to notice how deluded and gullible we have become.

Want proof? God said that he detests the luke warm MORE than the militant anti-Christs. The Christian faith is now stronger in Russia than luke warm, formerly Christian America. Look at the recent Hurricane Sandy chastisement. We have east coast nuke plants that came very close to Fukushima disaster. As America goes down the drain just remember, Fatima was spiritual nerve gas, just like the Protestant Rapture theory.
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