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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle Classiccom
Post Content
Quote Wildhoney

I wont comment on the request because I dont think it is my business..It is more in the sphere of politics..and international relations..and I am not interested in that. I will not comment on political etc..events or points as that is not what I am interested.That belongs to the secular world..world of man..I am not interested in that

As to America/US I have my personal opinion as to why all this is happening..and hunches as to what lies ahead there..


If you concede politics to the Devil, you are giving up your freedom to worship. This is how Catholics lost control of the Church at Vatican II. 1960 Fatima revelation nerve gas did not help but instead created a complacent and confused mind that was not equipped with a bull whip to chase away the money changers.

Faithful Catholics in Mexico had to take up arms so they could reopen the churches closed down by the government.

"Catholics Take Back Their Catholic Church and Faith
For Greater Glory: The True Story of Christiada Is a Parable for Our Time"

[link to traditio.com]

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