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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle wildhoney
Post Content
Christianity is not what we want it to be. Christianity is Christ and His teachings

Christianity is not a rubber glove that fits everyone..

Christianity is a very narrow door which has been opened thanks to Him, a door which is a privilege to even try to walk through..and a great victory if we achieve it

We must not bend Christianity to suit our personal beliefs..

we must be true and faithful to Him

and to His teachings

we are not perfect..we fail..we sin..we make mistakes etc..but we can try to do better

what we musnt do is embrace our errors and wrap Christianity around them to make them more palatable to ourselves and others

because Christ is not one to be fooled..ever

he was gentle and loving ..kind and compassionate

but in matters of the father He didnt mince words

we have an episode that denotes His righteous anger and fury with the money changers

and we also know he did not injure any ever

we have the episode where in His righteous anger He called out the pharisees..

that was Christ

that is Christianity

all the above my humble opinion
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