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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle wildhoney
Post Content
Hi guys..
I think its only fair that I give credit where credit is due..

I have personally experienced a change since I went on a pilgrimage to Fatima..on many levels..I am still imperfect..as most are I guess..whith my faults and lots of things I could improve on..but I have changed..and am changing..every day..that little bit extra..

I dont have really any vices per se..except music..if that can be considered a vice hf

But I did have an occasional glass of wine..which is not a big deal..but The Blessed Mother must have thought it is..because since Fatima I have stopped..I used to have a glass or two with meals at Restaurants..now I dont feel like it..for some reason since Fatima I have stopped..So I drink orange juices instead..

I suppose the Blessed Mother didnt think I should

I had stopped working out, swimming yes but not working out..doing sport..now I have started jogging again..stepping etc.., ..and do over an hour a day aprox. except sundays..again..since Fatima

Also on a personal level..I used to have tantrums..like a little girl..its the truth..since Fatima..that seems to have changed...

The process is ongoing..changing bit by bit..

And all this without trying..it is just happening..since Fatima
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