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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle wildhoney
Post Content
Have we really reached out to Him..begging for His return..not because we want something from Him..not because we want Him to save us..not because we want Him to make the world a better place..but simply because we love Him*q.M*

how many people followed Him because they wanted something from Him or expected to get something from Him *q.m* and how many because they loved Him....*q.m* just to be near Him because they loved Him *q.m* without asking for anything in return
 Quoting: wildhoney

Absolutely! But He is being presented as a Thing and not a person. A lot of persons use Him for their own agenda whether it be politics in Church and or in State. Even for their own ego because they suffer such low self esteem. A strange spiral they have low self esteem because they dont know the love of God on a personal level. If they knew how much God really loves them they would not suffer from such low self esteem. To make up for this low self esteem they exaggerate their importance. Not that they are not important they feel like others are more important then they are so they substitute that feeling for [as a defense shield] for a feeling of greater importance above those they feel intimidated by.....To a large extent this is true because they dont fully understand the love of God on a personal level. These are Christians that I am mostly talking about. A lot of them dont know any better because no one and I mean no one among their faith based leadership is correcting them or teaching them properly. And if they did they would[the leaders] would have to live by their own instructions that they teach. I think it goes deeper than that. ...The simplest way to love God is to learn about Him on a personal level. Anyone can say the word love but to know it and operate by its life giving principles is another thing altogether different.... I hope that saying is not true "the people are only as good as their leaders". At least in the case of a people lacking a knowledge of God and His presence. I guess some parents dont mind their children eating candy unrelentlessly and by so doing are guilty of their poor health. Correction has its place in its time, that time is long past its time IMHO.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21500116

I hope those stats. arnt true, the divorce stats among Church goers. I hope those reports of scandal in Christian churches and Christian ministries are not true. Facts are facts stats. dont lie but I guess one could manipulate the stats, I guess. Something is not right the Shepherd knows how to lead but how many really want to follow the Shepherd. Not many if you go by facts or stats.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21500116

you follow stats? yes? yes, stats tell the truth so here are some stats for you about the state of the catholic church and the direction it is going

in the year 1965 catholic church attendance was 65%

in the year 2000 catholic church attendance was 25%

in the year 2020 catholic church attendance should be 10% or


how about those stats ... and in Brazil a catholic country

of catholic countries there is a trend that has started. a

decline in the catholic church population, down 10% or so

in the past ten years, so the drifting away from catholicism

is taking hold
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27425031

The churches here are full.

But I think there is a general crisis of values ..wide spread..

A culture of materialism and things..that things will give you happiness..and success..and power..and the opinion of others based on what you have and not who you are

and this cant fulfill in my opinion

The riches are within..of the spirit..

To be love..not only to feel it..to be it

to be love means to me ..to not reach out..as everything is within

The only reason to me wealth would have any value..is so that it would enable one to focus on working for the Father and the Kingdom..and not be distracted with a 9 to 5 job and or worrying about bills..I buy the ONCE ..for that purpose ..lol..
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