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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle wildhoney
Post Content
Lets ask ourselves

do we Love Christ for Himself *q.m*

Independently on wether we hope He can and will save us and the world

do we love Him for Himself*q.m*

for being love in everything He did and said *q.m*

do we really Love Him *q.m*

He was used then..

many of the apostles hoped to get something out of Him..like the mother who asked if her sons will get a cushy place in the kingdom..isnt that so typical*q.m* and pathetic *q.m*

others wanted to be healed..which is understandable

others wanted food

others probably thought He was cute

some cos it probably was fashionable..I can imagine He pulled the crowds

many out of curiosity

but how many really loved Him then and Love Him now


Why were there only three at the foot of that cross *q.m*

why only two went to the tomb of their Master *q.m*

why *q.m*

How many want Him to return just because they Love Him *q.m*

How many still use Him today *q.m*

without ever thinking of Him *q.m*

without really honestly loving Him *q.m*
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