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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle wildhoney
Post Content
And how many would do it again..if He didnt fit into their idea of who He should be *q.m* or if He didnt do what they want Him to do *q.m*

2000 years..yet has anything really changed *q.m*

How many choose to represent Him yet defile His name by not observing His teachings *q.m* and the values and morals He taught us *q.m*

where is the Love for Him *q.m*

if one loves another doesnt one do ones utmost to make the other happy and or please *q.m* if one makes mistakes one makes an effort to correct

if something upsets or hurts another if we love we do our bestest not to do it again *q.m* dont we *q.m* and we try over and over again till we manage to be..and to make the other person happy..because the happiness of the one we love is our happiness

not to use..but to serve
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