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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The people of Jesus' day were expecting a Messiah that was taken out of context in the scriptures. It was all there all that time but how it was applied was wrong. It took the Apostles and disciples a long time to help others understand how it predicted the coming of the Messiah according to how the scriptures truly revealed it would. The understanding of these people was not what acutely was their before their very eyes. I wonder if all this conjecture and prognostications Christians have as to how Christ's return will all unfold is is correct. No wonder there is so mush infighting among them because the reality is no one knows. No one has to know until it all unfolds before their very eyes. And dont Eye know it? Do eye really know? I eye dont think so not really. The Eye is quicker than the hand or is it? The point is that we shouldnt be so dogmatic on our views on how the End Times unfold. Dont we have bigger worries in our own personal lives? Even the Apostles had to learn after all the events of the first coming of Christ by Christ Himself. After, eye tell you.
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