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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I dont know where to start? Jesus was not just betrayed by Judas who Jesus did and still loves, death does not separate the love of God. Peter who I love for personal reasons, I can relate to Peter. Peter betrayed Jesus much worst then Judas. Then you have the Pillars of the Faith hiding away from the Son of God who foretold them that they would. What happened to the throng of people who were enlightened by the words of the Son of God? Oh! they left Him well before Jesus' trial. Remember John 6:66At this point many of his disciples turned away and deserted him.? Where did these disciples go? Where they among those hurling insults at the One who cured and freed them, I would venture to guess yes. They were disappointed that they didnt get to become rich Kings and Queens that they assumed would occur immediately. He still is being betrayed by the ones who say they love Him and mean Him no harm. Well thats them and not us, well I sure hope so. When Jesus was scourged and tortured and publicly humiliated He still forgave them and ladies and gentlemen that is our only hope, the mercy and patience of the Godhead. When He was on the cross the only thing that deadened His physical pain was the pain of betrayal He was enduring from all the ones He had helped and was still trying help. Even a thief on the cross. Gods mercy knows no bounds. Personally I am greatfull for His patience towards me and I hope you all are too. I could go on about how the powers of that time betrayed Gods only Son with their abuse of power, but I am not going too for we empowered them. Our own rejection of this lowly Messiah betrayed Him. And yet the King of all Angels still loves us. Gods mercy knows no bounds.
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The message is simple and clear we all betrayed God in some way or another. We where born in this condition of betrayal. But God is mercy and forgiveness. Forgiveness is the fruit of mercy, forgiveness. Salvation is a gift from God and it can not be meritted. In gratitude we response by trying to emulate the grace and mercy that springs from our Heavenly Father who forgives us all. All we have to do is call on His Name. This single act alone births forth much grace and love. The mercy of Heaven is far higher then we can imagine and it takes time for that mercy to shine through us. Some are faster then others, yes this is true but they are not greater or better they just are much faster then some and wait for the others to catch up to us. Did I say us, LOL. I am trying really hard to catch up to them. This is not a lie but the very truth. We must all try to mature in our Christian love and mercy and grace that is shed abroad in our hearts. This is the Grace we try to catch so says Patch.
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