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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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What is truth is the opposite of confusion of the lies that try to cover its beauty and power, confusion. Whats of the flesh is of the flesh whats of the spirit(small s) is of the spirit. In this realm of discernment that is known only by intuition. [link to dictionary.reference.com] . Joy love and peace the power(energy) there of can only be counterfeited for the piss poor in spirit who function solely by the opinions of others who present it as the exclusive declaration of their god, even if this god likes to capitalize his name. Jesus the Christ of the Godhead is the Prince of Peace and the King of Love and unity of all men of goodwill. Goodwill I tell you, forth right and straight to your heart. ....Better audio quality; [link to www.youtube.com] Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Wah Wah - (LP Version)
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Calmness, thats what I need. Have to try drinking camomile teas for it. :) When I said piss poor :) in spirit I meant like week in spirit. When we are more spiritually dominate in our daily presentation of ourselves before all of creation we are in fact are strong in spirit. When we are more of a functional or doing the parts of religion. Like the activity of prayer and bible or spiritual readings and it is just an activity. Formal 'appearances' are just that. One may consider one like that as weak in spirit yet strong in the flesh, the activities there of. If the formal does not serve the spiritual into kindness and all that is good, then just what good is it. Not much in my opinion, but thats just my opinion.
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