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Message Subject more about the Fatima apparitions..
Poster Handle wildhoney
Post Content
Not many links youll find that speak of this I think..under carpet mostly in my opinion

He was cursed by a Catholic Priest who was executed on the exact same spot where his carriage had to stop..and the blood oozed out..as the link says..the Catholic Priest who would not recognize KH VIII as head of the Church..cursed him that the dogs may drink his blood

As the
people stood gazing at the blood which flowed from the king's
coffin, two dogs sprang forth from the crowd and, with greedy
tongue, licked the blood of King Henry the Eighth. But the people,
shuddering and horror-stricken, fled in all directions, and talked
among themselves of the poor priest who a few weeks before was
executed here on this very spot, because he would not recognize the
king as the supreme lord of the Church and God's vicegerent; of that
unfortunate man who cursed the king, and on the scaffold said: "May
the dogs one day drink the blood of this king who has shed so much
innocent blood!" And now the curse of the dying man had found its
fulfilment, and the dogs had drunk the king's blood. [Footnote:
Historical.--See Tytler, p. 481.]
[link to www.fullbooks.com]
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